It all started when…

Maya fell in love with her future husband Bernard Djokic, she didn’t realize that her relationship would lead her to becoming a successful small business owner – or how much hard work that would involve. After the two got married, Bernard suggested that they start a staffing firm supplying talent to Los Angeles country clubs, and Maya decided to jump in. They drew on Bernard’s more than 15 years of hospitality experience and Maya’s 10 years in customer service to create Château Staffing in 2015. 

In three years, they worked their way from using laptops in Starbucks to a 33rd floor office with a view of a changing downtown. They now service more than 12 Los Angeles country clubs, some of which are the most exclusive in the country. “They say love and business shouldn't be combined, but we tend to disagree,” says Maya. “We believe in putting a little bit of love in everything.”

In just three years, Château Staffing has grown to the number one choice for country club staffing in Los Angeles, and the business is expanding into Orange County. Maya’s approach to business and relationships is one in the same. She says, “If something in business isn't working we just add a little more love and it seems to work.”